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Hines & Daye is a men’s Fashion collective that offers accessories, clothing, tailoring, and grooming services. Our company is built on the desire for men to experience a fashion brand that fits in seamlessly with their lifestyle. This means fashion services that keep men well-groomed and ready for the dynamics of life including work and play.

Our first offering is a limited release of sunglasses named Interpid. Wearing the Hines & Daye Intrepid sunglasses will give you the style and confidence to be your best self. They have a classic design that complements every style.

Our Story

What people are saying about our glasses

They feel comfortable on my face which is cool.. doesn’t have a flimsy feel at all. Tint makes them true hater blocker frames !

I really love how these fit and feel on my face. My favorite feature is the straight top bar and comfortable nose bridge which gives the perfect feel. I find certain shades don’t fit as well on my face or become uncomfortable after wearing them for an extended period but these are perfect. The details on the actual shades themselves add just the right touch. The gold Hines & Daye print on the inside left temple is subtle yet still bold enough to stand out when glasses are not on your face. And the message “Be Confident” is the perfect reminder to just be you every time and walk with confidence when you decide to put them on. I’d say these shades are just perfect for me.

These sunglasses are top quality. The gold accents and sleek design gives a luxury feel while also being equally efficient in heavier light conditions. Definitely recommend this classic black pair of shades in your collection!

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